Stunner slams Tendai Biti

Popular rapper Stunner has slammed former Finance Minister Tendai Biti on twitter after the latter’s reaction towards Stunner’s story published by 3 men on a boat.

Stunner will host a lingerie party at popular strip tease club Private lounge tonight which will feature raunchy dancers Bev Sibanda and Zoey.

Biti, a constitutional law expert and current leader of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) shockingly reacted to an article which stated ‘three things that have no place at the lingerie party’ to be hosted by Stunner describing the actions as ‘bohemian dross’.

“Is this for real? With all the pain and suffering of our people, is such bohemian dross really happening,” read Biti’s tweet.

The rapper replied to Biti’s tweet… “patinobata mabasa enyika hamubatike vakuru. Mozosimudza musoro paane ma underwear,” and attached a picture of a newspaper cutting of a story which reported the rapper being part of a group of urban artists who did a collaborative project which denounced corruption.

Protest Chimurenga musician Raymond Majongwe joined the twitter wrangle saying ‘Even during the war they were making love at the war front. Munhu wese POSITION POSITION. NDOZVAVOWO’

When contacted for comment the self-styled best rapper in the country Stunner said politicians like Biti should support local artists more than criticising.

“When we did a project against corruption which deserved national attention and support from these people they were quite even the radio is not playing it. Now because it’s about underwear and lingerie’s they raise their heads to criticise, for crying out loud it’s just a party meant to celebrate life,”

“My response on Twitter was not out of disrespect but I am just a concerned artist as much as Biti is a concerned politician,” said Stunner.

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