Son ‘stabbed mum to death and ate her heart with a side of chutney’

A man in India allegedly stabbed his mother to death and then ate part of her heart after smothering it in chutney – because she refused to give him food.
Sunil Kuchakurni had reportedly gone to his neighbour’s house while drunk, and started asking for something to eat.
But when they denied him a meal, he went to his 65-year-old mum Yelava’s home in northern India instead.
The pair allegedly started fighting and he then reportedly stabbed his mother and cut out her heart.
According to police, he is believed to have later eaten part of her heart – seasoning it with chilli, pepper and chutney.
Kuchakurni was reportedly later seen walking out of the house with blood smothered all over his hands.
The exact charges he is facing are not known

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