Python dies after biting off more than it can chew

A python in Baliavad village near Gir wildlife sanctuary in the Indian state of Gujarat swallowed a fully grown antelope, which was so big it killed him.

The python had swallowed the antelope after strangling it to death minutes earlier. But the poor reptile did not realise that he has swallowed more than what he could chew.

After devouring its meal, the python could barely move because of the size of the prey in his stomach. Moments later, the snake died.

The presence of the oversized python captured the attention of villagers, with a crowd of onlookers quickly gathering around to watch the feast unfold.

It remained unclear quite how the giant snake nabbed and devoured the antelope in the first place, but eyewitnesses said the python tried to regurgitate the antelope but it failed.

Pythons swallow their prey whole, and take several days or even weeks to fully digest it.

They are known to prey on animals much larger in size. After eating, a python can go several weeks, if not months, without needing to feed again.

Source – Mirror

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