Pig and kangaroo in sexual relationship for a year

A raunchy pig and kangaroo have reportedly been enjoying a year-long physical relationship.They were snapped in action by PhD boffin Ryan Frazier who was on a research trip in the Northern Territory near Alice Springs.

The Sydney-based academic said: “I didn’t even know it was possible.

“The animals saw us – we met them at the fence and they just stood together in front of us.

“The kangaroo was ripped, a bit aggressive, huffing a bit. But the pig stayed with him, nuzzling under his arm, and the kangaroo was hugging the pig for a while.”

Ryan said he was ‘bewildered by the affection’ between the macho kangaroo and the “nonchalant” hog.

The pig’s proud owner Greg Dick revealed that he had tried to keep the besotted beasts apart – but could no longer stands in the way of their love.

Speaking to NT News, he said: “I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo almost tore the fence down.

“They’re in love.”

Source – Sun

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