Man forced to tell police 24 hours before he has sex now living in the woods

A father-of-two who has to inform the police 24 hours before he has sex with a new partner has lost his legal battle to have the restriction lifted.

John O’Neill, of York, told medics he likes to attack women into unconsciousness, a court heard.

The 45-year-old, who was cleared of rape at Teesside Crown Court last year, also said women needed to be ‘scared’ for him to be satisfied.

In 2010 he noticed a change in himself, Mr Holmes’s notes stated, adding ‘he stopped asking girlfriends if they consented to sex with him’.

The nurse noted he was ‘preoccupied with killing himself and others’ and he found the idea ‘soothing’.

When a doctor queried his desires he told her: ‘You’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey then?’

Mr O’Neill, an IT consultant currently living rough in a wood, appeared at York Magistrates’ Court for a hearing to decide whether an interim Sexual Risk Order (SRO) should be made permanent or should end.

Police fear he is a danger to the public and demand he must inform them 24 hours before he has sex with a new partner or face jail and a fine despite never being convicted of a sex crime.

Mr O’Neill, who used to attend a Fifty Shades of Grey-style fetish club, strongly opposes it and represented himself in court.

Mr O’Neill has said the ban has stopped him working, restricted his right to benefits and his family, including his two children, don’t speak to him.

After what Mr O’Neill said was a ‘thoroughly humiliating day’, he admitted he lost the case and after representing himself said ‘clearly I didn’t know what I was doing’.

He said: ‘My main concern is I’m homeless, I cannot work, I cannot claim benefits, I need to get back into society somehow.’

Mr O’Neill was cleared of rape following a retrial at Teesside Crown Court last year.

Despite this, Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC said after the jury was dismissed: ‘Please could you inform the authorities that although this man has been acquitted, it is my judgment that he is a very dangerous individual.’

Source – Dailymail

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