Local man attends his own funeral and complains it was not properly organized

The family of a dead Thembisa man who was shot dead  on Monday last week got the surprise of their lives when he showed up at his own funeral and complained that the funeral was not properlyorganized.

Mike Mahlobo was a victim of a hijacking on Monday afternoon and was shot three times in the head, and was declared dead on the spot.

His family was sure he was dead as they saw and dressed him up at the mortuary.

“Twice I saw him and confirmed that he is dead; when we went to identify the body and when we went to dress him up” said his wife.

People who attended the funeral were shocked when he pitched at the grave yards just before his coffin was lowered into the ground and complained that the coffin is too cheap, the flowers are too ugly, and that the food smelled and tasted like a*s.

“He was wearing a cap and his favorite  brown jacket when he showed up. He then walked away and disappeared in the bushes. We never saw him after.” said one of the witnesses.

The funeral was postponed as the family is still investigating.

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