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I gave lift to a ghost’ says taxi driver

June Mpofu
A 32-year-old taxi driver from Northgate, Johannesburg, South Africa, claims that he gave a lift to a ghost.
Rabelani Manzere said he was driving in Randburg when he picked up a short elderly woman who was carrying plastic bags.
“I stopped the taxi and opened the door for her. When she got in, she told me she was glad she had found me, which was strange.”
Rabelani said while he was driving, the woman asked him to switch on the light so she could pay him – but what happened next was terrifying.
“She put her hand in her purse and it seemed to get stuck.
“Suddenly, her face became pale and her eyes, nose and lips became pink.”
Rabelani locked eyes with her and felt fear rippling through his body.
“She widened her eyes and started shrieking. Then she flew out of a closed window and disappeared.
“I jumped out of the moving taxi and ran away. I was screaming for help and crying.
“When I stopped another taxi driver and asked for help, he fled.”
Luckily, another driver stopped and helped him.
Rabelani said he was later told another taxi driver had seen the same ghost.
The other driver told Daily Sun: “I was driving along the same road when I saw a gogo carrying luggage.
“She asked me to pick her up but when I switched on the light she refused to get in and disappeared.”
– Daily Sun

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