Hope for rebranded female condom

MANY Ugandan men refuse to use female condoms. Unlike male condoms, they say female condoms look unpleasant, bulky, less lubricated…

Orgasm gave woman brain haemorrhage
Moments after Lucinda Allen, 43, climaxed for the second time she was hit by an excruciating headache
Lucinda, who was six months pregnant at the time, was put in medically-induced a coma after a series of strokes left her permanently paralysed down her left side.
But she battled on to give birth to a healthy daughter, Marri-Alice.
Now she wants others to realise the risks of so-called ‘thunderclap’ headaches which affect many women during and after sex.
Lucinda Allen, Tony Allen and their daughter Marri-Alice age 4
Photo credit: Sam Bagnall/ Sunday Mirror

Woman paralysed after having sex

A woman from Stourbridge, UK, was left permanently paralysed after climax during sex caused a brain haemorrhage. Lucinda Allen is…